Our mission and purpose

Each child is born an angel. Each of them is a special one and has a gift, which makes them different and unique. That is why they should be given the opportunity to find themselves in a natural way and in appropriate environment. They should shine with their own light and nature and develop their talent and uniqueness.
Our mission is to make your child happy as it is in an environment of love and light. They to be surrounded by people who love what they feel as their vocation and genuine to understand that colourful world of children to convey knowledge. Our specialists will find the special in every child in a tried and flawless way-with the help of art. They will make them feel better, more relaxed and more confident for their uniqueness. With their help, the child will understand and point out the important in himself to make it his advantage. We strive for the environment, which to make it organized and to educate a sense of the frequency of communicating with others. This is the place, where your child will feel free to be himself and to be understood. They will spend their time disciplined, but also feel different and special. The team of the Children’s Center for Arts is selected and the offered methods of education are innovative and authored and are applied in this form for the first time by us. Our team consist of young people with big hearts and great love to every child – yours could be one of them as well. With us, the steps are made imperceptibly and you can feel the growth of the child instantly!

In ANGEL STEPS – Kids art center there are several spacious and colourful rooms. Each of them is adapted for many games and entertainments. The ART room is the place, where we will create, and there time passes imperceptibly. The SMALL hall is where we adore spending hours in games and special activities. In our BIG hall, we will play sport, dance and party!
We will find and harmonize ourselves every time we are together!

We will discover new worlds as we just sit on the grass or lie on the colourful beanbags. All cultures and nationalities are welcomed to us.
We will be proactive, we will discover new worlds of art and we ensure you that we will always be interesting, unique and different! Leave the boredom at the door and fly with us! Magic is everywhere!

We are looking forward to meeting you!