Each child is born a tiny angel, but it’s the environment that will either give a child wings to fly or clip them. Each child is uniquely special and has gifts that make it truly one of a kind, which is why each child should have a meaningful opportunity to discover its true self and its strengths — progressing in a natural way and doing it in an appropriate environment — so that these special qualities and strengths can evolve into a healthy personality, self-knowledge, and a sense of self-appreciation. Each child should be encouraged to shine brightly with its own light and its many talents.

To be loved and surrounded by affection and light; to be among people who love their calling and have a deep affection for children and passing on their knowledge and experience to them; to find that, which makes each child special, and to do so without a hint of pressure, relying on dance, music, sport and self-knowledge instead; to always evoke the best in a child and dissipate any aggression through art, giving free rein to creativity; to enable the child to fulfill its promise and potential, making it calmer and boosting its confidence in its special talents; to help it understand and feel its strengths, transforming them into an advantage and a source of self-esteem — at Angel Steps in all we do we strive to instil a sense of order in our young charges, helping them nourish a sense of purity through communion with the greatness and beauty of dance, music, and the philosophy of martial arts. This is where your child will feel free to express itself in the comforting knowledge that it will be listened to and understood; spend time engaged in structured activities (hourly lessons) while feeling unique, special and free to explore and develop their full potential. Our team at the Children’s Art Centre has been handpicked to offer you this and more, including ways of having fun and learning that are innovative and tailored to each child, and — in many cases — applied for the first time in Bulgaria. Everyone on the Angel Steps team has a big heart and deep affection for children. Your trust in our ability is a chance to make your young one happy and cherish its personality and character as they are.

Abounding in fun, light-hearted joy and affection, Angel Steps is a children’s centre like no other. It shines in bright colours, unique and out of the beaten track. We help your child take confident steps forward imperceptibly and effortlessly, making instantaneous appreciable progress. We strongly encourage parents to give their children a meaningful chance to feel happy and fulfilled. So, bring them along and let their true colours shine!

We have spacious premises that are normally alive with activities to keep your young ones meaningfully engaged throughout their stay at the Centre. There is a big screen we use for educational videos and different spaces for having fun and learning, usually rolled into one. Another special feature are our tailored menus — nutritional and delicious — that cater to needs and preferences of each child. And did we mention that we offer special packages for summer and other holidays throughout the year?

In our special room where arts and drawing lessons take place, we’ll be delighted to throw a crazily funny party for your special occasion. Our highly capable and engaging entertainers will make sure you have the time of your life.

We have a real piano, which will help us celebrate, its magical strings vibrating with joy and happiness.

We have the brightest and sunniest music teachers and plan to organize meetings with different artists and performers.

Your child’s life path will be revealed and you will never doubt the best way to help it develop its talent and potential. We will be standing by to advise you on how to best support it and let it shine with its own unique colours. Helping you support your child is our top priority. We will stimulate it through games, talks, different art forms or by helping it learn to be happy and content, and challenge itself and its unique talents to achieve its full potential.

Your children will discover their true self and rebalance their inner harmony every time they visit!

Together, we will discover new worlds by simply sitting on the grass or in the soft embrace of a pouf, or else by finding an alternative way to feel cosy, comfy and happy at the Centre.

We welcome children from all cultures, backgrounds and nationalities!

We will be proactive and innovative and promise to always keep your little ones interested in an exclusive and unique environment. Leave boredom at our doorstep and discover the world of Angel’s Steps! There’s magic everywhere!

We do look forward to welcoming you to our Centre!