Art Classes

Art classes allow children to express their creativity and have fun, and to their parents and teachers – to understand them better and to touch the child’s soul.

Psychologists say that with the help of their works, children express their emotions, dreams, discover a way to understand the world around them. When a child draws, he follows his work, evaluates and analyzes it. In this way, he is able to recognize its values and shortcomings, develops self-criticism and aesthetic flair.
Creative activities, including painting, help the brain to develop. The right hemisphere is used for emotional and creative reactions, and the left focuses on analytical processes and logic. By drawing, in most cases, both hemispheres of the child’s brain are involved. In this way the connections between the brain hemispheres are activated and strengthened, and the child grows with the essential advantage of fully provoked capacity. And as a result, the full potential of opportunities is achieved.

In the art classes, your children will perform various activities such as painting, coloring, modeling, plaster work, gluing, cutting and inventing



Mandala therapy

There is no right or wrong way to draw or colour, there are no strict rules. We can draw or colour whenever and however we feel it or want it. We work at our own pace and create a unique personal mandala – our little jewel, a work of art. Our mandala therapy aims to teach us how to use it to relax. How to guide it towards ourselves and learn how to rely on what it tells us. We will try to put away our consciousness and help the creative brain hemisphere work to get creative and look for the inspiration for everything around us. After a hard working day, in a nice company and a cup of tea, we look forward to you to create together.