Creating a unique party atmosphere to celebrate festive occasions in a child’s life is an understandable priority for each parent.

At the Angel Steps Children’s Art Centre, we will be glad to help you with invaluable ideas and first-rate professional advice to aid you in coming up with a concept and theme and ensuring the seamless organisation of your child’s party. We are able to do this owing to our partnership with the extraordinary professionals from the A&G Events & Entertainment Agency.

We trust them because they have the knowledge and skills to transform each day into a truly festive occasion and because we like their motto ‘Each client is special’.

The Angel Steps team believes that the best results come naturally when you believe and truly love what you do.

And we believe that each child needs moments of happiness, confident in our ability to deliver them for you at our Centre.

We guarantee a tailored approach to each client — competent, professional, bespoke and authentic. We excel at providing services with discretion and attentiveness to detail. The organisation and visual realisation of each party can be unique and we will be glad to suggest different ideas through the catalogue of our cherished partners. The catalogue is by no means exhaustive. We welcome your ideas for a birthday party or another festive occasion to celebrate in a unique way at our special children’s zone in the Angel Steps Art Centre. Trust us to organise the party of your dreams and we promise you a truly unforgettable experience.


Party concepts catalogue