Young children are a volcano bursting with energy vying to find a meaningful outlet. And since an active sport in early childhood may be too demanding for very young children, dancing is a great alternative outlet for your child’s energy that will simultaneously develop existing and teach it many new skills.

The goal is to make sure that children have fun and enjoy the lessons dedicated to music and dancing. Being introduced to music at an early age and learning dance move provoke and develop an affinity and love for harmony.

Dancing has a beneficial effect on the health and motor skills of children. Regular dancing sessions improve muscle flexibility, agility, balance and coordination, physical strength and stamina. Exercises involving repetitive movements practices during the dancing classes improve muscle tone, the posture and position, balance and coordination of the entire body, blood circulation and heart rhythm.

To add to the advantage of boosting physical activity, dancing is a great way for children to socialise. Working in a group improves their communication skills, teaches them to perform and work together as part of a team, trust each other and make new friends.

And most importantly — DANCING IS SO MUCH FUN!

Classical ballet

The finesse and exquisiteness of classical ballet nurture special appreciation for beauty from an early age. In the ballet hall each child gets a chance to be a prince or princess and regular exercise ensures a correct posture, which is essential, especially for young ladies. In addition to expanding general knowledge, classical ballet teaches children valuable lessons about body language, lending grace and fluidity to every movement.

Modern ballet

In modern ballet classes children will explore their physical capabilities, develop their creativity and learn how to use space and freely express themselves through the art of dance.

Modern ballet is a great way to develop balance, agility and control in performing a dance.


Your children will come face-to face with the magical world of dancing and we will take care of their optimal physical development. During the dancing lessons they will learn more about the history of hip-hop — one of the most visually attractive contemporary dance styles — while having lots of fun.

Lyrical Dance

Lyrical dance is a style that combines the ease and lightness of movement of classical ballet and jazz, with the dances performed to a slower beat. What makes lyrical dance special is the near total absence of choreography. Each movement flows from the heart and soul of the performer. This will help your child release any pent-up emotions and discover the magical world of dancing.




Tsvetan Alexandrov

I have been dancing since 2001. I learned to dance at the Todes Ballet School in Bulgaria and the Dance Zone Studio.

Over time, I have participated in many dance shows, TV projects and videos, working with some of Bulgaria’s most prominent contemporary performers.

Since 2009, I have been teaching MTV Street Dance and KPOP Dance to children and teenagers. My students include award winners from many competitions held in Bulgaria and abroad, including members of the Top 5 of the largest world dance festivals — Dance World Cup and Dance Stars Masters. For me, dancing is a way of life — a way to express myself, and working with children makes me particularly happy and deeply satisfied.

At Angels Steps I have the pleasure to teach Commercial HIP-HOP.



Plamena Petkova

I am a graduate of the Yuri Gagarin secondary school and the National Sports Academy where I graduated in acrobatic gymnastics and physical training. I am a national champion in women’s pair and women’s trio, having won all championships in the period 1997 – 2005, and have won 2 golden medals at the international championship in Alberhausen, Germany (1999 and 2000).

I have been dancing for seven years and have taken part in many dance shows and programmes, TV projects and music videos.

During the last three years I have been teaching and sharing what I have learned with children and teenagers who are doing great at competitions and dance festivals in Bulgaria and other countries.

At Angels Steps I teach ACRO Dance and MTV Street Dance.


Maria Kireva

I took up folklore dances at the age of six, when I joined the Rosna Kitka dance troupe. I have had the pleasure to work with children and adults alike, helping them master the intricate rhythms of Bulgarian folk dancing. For me, dancing is not simply a way of life but something that builds up our character and leaves a mark on our relationships with other people.

In the last fourteen years, I have taken part in numerous concerts, performances and shows, along with scores of dance festivals in Europe and beyond.

At Angel Steps I teach folklore dances and offer classes in Bulgarian, English and French.