Individual program Do it yourself“ for your child

What is the program about?

The program is a combination of our recommendations regarding the development of your child through an astrological analysis of his stellar map and yours and his personal preferences about what to do. Analysis gives an individual guideline, a recommendation and an explanation of each child’s resources, how to develop it, and what activities to visit according to its star map and the energy it brings. The astro analysis is completely free.

How can you request astro analysis?

You need to fill out a form that you can see HERE >>>
Send us the completed form to and within 10 days you will receive your analysis.

What activities can you choose with us?

The activities, which you want your child to attend, are chosen by you from the listed below:

Group activities

Dancing / Classical Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop, Israeli Zumba and Folk Dances

Sports / Judo, Aikido, Tennis, Fencing, Yoga, Yoga for children

Art / Art Activities, Mandala Therapy

Knowledge/ English Language (Jolly Phonics), Theatre and expression


Individual activivities

Music /guitar, singing, piano/

What are the prices when choosing an individual program?

The cost of each individual „Dо it yourself program“ is determined by the number of weekly visits and types of activities, depending on whether they are group or individual.

Prices and methods of payment:

 Option 1

If you choose only group activities, you can buy a card including 10 visits for all group activities – 70,00 BGN

Option 2 

If you choose 2 or more group or individual activities (minimum 2 visits per week), you can get -10% discount on the total amount of all your chosen activities.

Option 3 

If you have less than 2 visits per week, you can see our standard prices or you can contact us to make a special offer tailored to your needs.

* In the Individual Program “Do It Yourself”, Multisport and Multisport Kids are not applicable.