They call the piano “the king of the instruments”, because it has the opportunity to recreate the score of a whole symphony orchestra. It has the largest register, the richest sound, and it can be reproduced in many different timbre. Thanks to the white and black keys children can easily and easily enter the wonderful world of music, get acquainted with different epochs, develop their dexterity and musical hearing, acquire literacy in musical theory – writing, metrology (nude values, rhythmic groups, dimensions), lad, latitude, tone, etc.


Through singing, children acquire knowledge of rhythm and tact, skills for self-confidence, confidence and inspiration. At the same time, the possibility of stage performance combining singing, presence and dance has a favorable effect on motoring and coordination. The close contact with music from an early age helps children to launch a value system in which taste and love for various art events is a lifetime.



The guitar is a fascinating musical instrument that is present in most music styles. As any instrument, it brings its own soul and inspires the performer. Guitar lessons teach children the discipline, the pursuit of self-improvement, perseverance – all qualities that are valuable for building a full person.



“Music is the most appropriate educational tool”.
– Platon

We all are born musical, precisely because music is the primary language of the universe. Quite naturally, it is extremely important for emotional, intellectual, motor and cognitive development, and children have an inborn love for it. They love beautiful tones with energy and rhythm.
We believe that education in love for music from an early age has a huge impact on the intellectual and emotional development of the child. Music is a universal language that creates enjoyment. Through it, children have the opportunity to self-expression in a casual and spontaneous way, and are provoked to manifest their unpredictable creativity. That is why we offer you our alternative method of studying music that children adore.