Judo is one of the first modern martial arts, and its philosophy and methods of training have become a model for later martial arts developed from the traditional forms. The widespread distribution of Judo throughout the world has led to the emergence of new forms based on it, such as Sambo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Martial arts training is one of the best ways to educate children. Along with the health benefits that each sport brings in, this type of training builds on the smallest and many other important qualities. Regular training teaches discipline, motivation, struggle, respect as well as giving confidence in yourself.



The main feature in Aikido is the harmonization. Our goal is this harmony to find a cozy place in the souls of your children. The manifestation of humility, confidence and absence of aggressive manifestations is a sign of its presence. Aikido is a non-aggressive sport that teaches children to be calm. It gives children a positive attitude towards the world and teaches that, in order to create something worthwhile, they must work in harmony with the world around them.


Yoga for children

Practicing yoga in childhood increases self-esteem and consciousness. It also makes the child’s body stronger and more flexible; improves focus and concentration; improves breathing and teaches children how to use their energy more effectively, improves social skills and teaches children the importance of a healthy lifestyle. It inspires them to understand how important it is to be patient, attentive and honest with others.
Gradually, children begin to understand the concept of what is unity and harmony that helps them work together. Yoga is a great way for kids to exercise and at the same time to feel healthy. Stress, poor motor culture, and other unhealthy factors in the child’s lifestyle contribute to obesity.Through yoga, children are educated in a culture of physical activity, healthy eating and recreation for the spirit and body.