This is our space for games and fun and all manner of activities designed to give free rein to the creativity of our young charges. It offers a cosy and comfortable environment owing to the carefully selected array of eco-friendly materials used by the interior designers. The floor is soft and comfortable to walk so that children can play to their heart’s content. There’s a grass section with a tent, where children can go camping. There are endless possibilities for recreation using the poufs featuring different Barbaron cartoon characters and fun games, such as darts, basketball and many other entertaining alternatives. The children can draw on the blackboard, which is part of our honeycomb section that children can use for climbing and comfortably nesting in the enclosed spaces. They can also give free rein to their imagination, using the small cork houses to pin their creations to so they can be shared with and enjoyed by others. The space is bright, vibrant and fun to be in. It is also where can organise theme parties to celebrate your child’s birthday or other special occasions.