Psychological astrology

Astrology combines science and art, knowledge and wisdom, inner and outer life — ingredients that are, in fact, all based on the invisible threads linking Man and Universe.

It enables us as individuals to build a relationship with our true self, thereby obtaining knowledge about who we are, seeing more clearly, discovering previously unknown facets of our personality and living more productive and meaningful lives. In other words, astrology helps us find our place in the world. It will also help your child grow up more confident and full of affection and appreciation for their unique and truly special self.

Psychological astrology is a method of self-discovery that aims to give us better knowledge and understanding of ourselves and our children. As a parent, you will be able to make an informed choice between different actions your child may wish to pursue and help it successfully achieve its goals in a light-hearted and having fun along the way.

We work with a proficient and tactful professional in this area. She is the epitome of an angel herself and will read your little one’s stars to ensure that it grows up as happy and fulfilled as they deserve. We use innovative proprietary methods developed by Daniela.

&nbtivity and have fun but it also helps their parents and tutors to better understand them, allowing them a glimpse into the child’s soul and universe.

Psychologists believe that through drawing children express their emotions and dreams and explore the surrounding world. When the draws a painting, it keeps track of its work, constantly analysing and evaluating it. Through this it learns to recognise its strengths and weaknesses, develops skills for critical thinking and an appreciation of aesthetics and beauty.

Creative activities, including drawing, help the development of child’s brain. The right hemisphere is responsible for emotional and creative responses while the left hemisphere is focused on analytical processes and logic. Drawing often requires children to use both hemispheres of their brain. They thus activate and strengthen the links between the two brain hemispheres and the child grows up with the advantage of their full potential being meaningfully provoked. This helps them achieve their full potential later in life.



We plan to use natural materials in order to develop children’s manual dexterity and provoke their creative skills. Clay modelling and sculpting sessions develop sensory skills and bring children close to nature, developing their love and appreciation for art and responsibility for the environment.



Practising yoga in by school-age children boosts confidence and self-awareness. In addition, it strengthens children’s bodies and enhances their agility; improves focus, concentration and breathing; teaches children how to expend their energy more efficiently, improves their social skills and the raises their awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Yoga also helps them understand and appreciate the importance of patience, mindfulness and sincerity in relations with those around us.

Thus, children gradually begin to understand the concept of unity and harmony, which teaches them to work together.

Yoga is a great way for children to exercise and feel strong and healthy. Stress, poor exercise and other detrimental factors in the environment are strong contributors to child obesity.

Yoga instils a spirit and culture of physical activity, a healthy diet and bodily and recreation for the body and spirit.


Communication, performance, creativity

‘Poetry is a record of the best and happiest moments of the best and happiest minds’. This is a quote from the great Percy Bysshe Shelley, considered one of the best lyrical poets of the English-speaking world. And we would not even like to begin to contemplate a world without poetry.

Reading poetry touches and most intimate corners of our souls, stirring deep emotions, expanding our horizons and enriching us and our children alike. Such activities can transport you into a world created by words that is truly your own and in which you can be the hero you wish to be.


Child Psychologist

The first seven years are formative and crucial for the values of a child — the time during which its habits and character are largely shaped. The things that happen to us early in life leave a mark on everything we do later as adults—how we communicate, perform, how we see ourselves, our self-esteem and harmonious development in the absence of tenseness and neurotic behavioural patterns. Working with a psychologist does not necessarily signal problem behaviour. On the contrary, a smart and responsible approach calls for a preventative approach rather than seeking solutions after the fact.




Daniela Yordanova –  astrological psychologist

I meet each sunrise with a smile.
I see off every subset with gratitude.
A smile is my inner state of being.
I enjoy life.
I try to life it to the full.
I don’t have time.
There are so many things I would like to learn and do.
Happiness is understanding.
I am in a hurry.
I want to reach the answers.
I want to know the reasons.
I want to find the meaning.
I want a lot.
I want to infect you with happiness.
I smile at you.”

To learn more about Daniela’s work, please visit her website.

Deshka Petrova


Deshka Petrova is a teacher by calling whose interests and work are in the area of personal development and improvement. An idealist from a humanitarian and social perspective, she is supportive, understanding and consistently aiming to provoke and stimulate a process of self-awareness and expression of positivity and creativity; development of individual talents through communication, expression and creation.

Born in Plovdiv, lives and works in Sofia.

A graduate of the University of World and National Economy (1992); the Personal Development and Improvement School (Brand College), Hons degree (2004 Graduate of the Year); and the MA Programme in Pre-school Pedagogical Science of the Saint Clement Ohridski University of Sofia (2006).

Author of poems and narrative prose, including the collection of poems Sense of a Woman. Her creative endeavours are influenced by a wide range of interests in areas such as psychology, communication and personal transformation. Her poetry reflects a genuine hope and longing for dialogue, contemplation and harmony — for each of us individually and for all of us together. The underlying idea is happiness, satisfaction and development over time, otherwise called life.



For the special children who have chosen the Angel Steps Art Centre, the Communication, Expression and Creativity special module has been created.

The first steps are dedicated to the art of communicating with ourselves and answering the questions: What makes me special? What are my talents, dreams, thoughts and skills?

The Communication, Expression and Creativity classes aim to boost self-awareness and exercise models and skills aiming to give free expression to the personality of each child by identifying and developing its talents, learning techniques for success and motivation, strengthening willpower and a instilling a happy outlook.

Meliha Chausheva

Meliha Chausheva /Miss Melly /is a fully qualified teacher with a lot of experience in the field of education. She considers that it should be fun for children, teachers and parents. Having used different methods in her practice, she believes that engaging children in play activities allows them to explore and expand their knowledge of the world around them. Creativity approach in learning is beneficial and helps children reveal their potential fully. Following her passion to raise Literacy standards in English language, she became a professional Jolly Phonics Trainer for Bulgaria two years ago.

Meliha is eager to help each child spread its wings!