Group lessons

Beginners Advanced Master class Adults
60 min – 15 BGN 60 min – 15 BGN 90 min – 20 BGN 60 min – 15 BGN


Individual classes


60 min – 40 BGN
*If monthly fees are prepaid, the last class is gift from the Angel Steps team! At the time of paying the first monthly fee, each client receives a special outfit!


Art studio

Dear Parents, we are pleased to announce that an Art Studio for your children is now available. If your little ones love expression through art and using their hands to create fine objects of art, then we encourage you to enrol them in our first group

Dedicated to: still life painting. We will learn about still life paintings and children will be able to freely choose the materials to use (pencil or paint). We will explore each form, material and different lights


The class will take place on Thursdays from 10:30 h until 12:30 h.


* Please note that children have to be enrolled in advance by calling the Centre or sending us an e-mail at least one day in advance.